How can I Emulate Nintendo 3DS Games on Android

Are you in search of a 3DS emulator running on Android? Here are the top apps to choosefrom, along with guidelines on how to start playing.

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Emulation gives you an accessible and cost-effective method to play old games that aren’t easy to access nowadays. Your Android phone is equipped to emulate most handheld and home consoles right up to the fifth console generation but Nintendo’s earlier handhelds can be played with modern smartphones.

Let’s discuss setting up and running a Nintendo 3DS emulator on your Android phone.

It’s the Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator on Android

The initial step is selecting an emulator of course. There’s an array of optionsavailable, but the difference between the best of them are based on your preference.

Citra and RetroArch are widely praised as the best 3DS emulators. Both are open source and run across a wide range of platforms.

RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch is capable of emulating a plethora of consoles, like it’s 3DS, Wii, Wii U, GameBoy, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, SNES, Sega Genesis, and many more. This is due to RetroArch functions as a kind or hub, containing various emulators developed to work with various consoles.

It’s compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS–however it’s also capable running on certain consoles, such as the GameCube.Read more At website Articles RetroArch provides a complete list of platforms supported at its web site. For more details on its customization options, check out our RetroArch Windows installation guide dives deep into the options for setting up its configuration.

Citra Emulator

Citra was the very first 3DS-capable emulator, built for PC. It’s currently compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. The Citra team has a fantastic list of games compatible with their software that is able to categorize supported games using an order of “not yet tested” up to “perfect” to make sure that users can follow the progress of a game’s compatibility testing.

Although RetroArch offers the benefit that it is more accessible and has more supported platforms, we’ll be using the 3DS-specific Citra for this piece. There’s a reason why the Citra team has offered steady and consistent support throughout the years, and the Android app has been optimized to perfection. It even supports gamepads!

Warning! Concerning ROMs!

It is our responsibility to remind you that accessing ROMs via any method other than ripping them from the cartridge or disc you have is illegal. It is possible to rip only ROMs wholly for your own usage, and not for distribution purposes using games you have. Nintendo is particularly strict about accessing their ROMs which is why you should be very cautious.

However, as long as you don’t sell ROMs in the first place, you’re most likely to be safe from legal concerns. When downloading ROMs from databases online ensure that the source is reputable and the files are secure before downloading. They are not EXE files, and they will never ask for more access to your device.

How to Set Up and use Citra On Your Android Phone

After you’ve downloaded Citra with Your Android mobile, you’re only a few steps away playing your favourite 3DS games.

Set Up Your Games for Emulation

Before starting the app you may want to have the game’s content stored in a suitable location on the Android device. It’s even possible to create a new folder with a name like 3DS Games and Citra Games.

This isn’t necessary to be pre-planned prior to launching the application however it can make your first setup easier–upon the initial launch of Citra, you’ll be prompted by a prompt to select the folder where the games will launch from. It can be changed anytime by tapping an icon of the folder at the upper-right corner.

Games for Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo 3DS use a CIA extension, but they must be decrypted prior to use. The extracted file will have to use the 3DS extension. The files can be extracted by using a tool such as WinZip, but Citra can also extract the 3DS file using CIA right on the app’s home screen. Simply click the file icon and then select Install CIA, and choose the CIA file from your downloads. The rest is simple.

How to Play Games on Citra

With just a few 3DS games ready to go and you’re all set to begin playing.

  1. Launch Citra and agree to the permissions. It may ask for microphone access. is only for DS games that utilize the microphone to play.
  2. Select the folder of games that you have created previously, and select this directory.
  3. Once your directory of encrypted games is selected, your home screen will list the games you have, accompanied by an icon.
  4. Select the game of your choice to launch it. A small loading box will pop up as your emulator loads the shaders needed. After that, you’re all set to go.

It’s the Best 3DS Emulator for Android

While testing Citra it, we picked two games from their compatibility list: New Super Mario Bros. 2, along with Resident Evil Revelations. The former was classified “great” and the latter was classified “bad” in the list of compatibility. We discovered this to be the case. Super Mario offered an overall satisfying experience, with the exception of occasional stutter. Resident Evil, on the other hand, did have several model and texture issues, as well as an unintentional crash.

We’re certain that Citra is an excellent method to enjoy compatible games, and the team’s constant effort makes us believe that they’ll just continue to expand and improve the quality of the compatible games. Citra is an easy recommendation–perhaps the best way to emulate 3DS games.

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