How To Use PSP Games On Windows 10

The best method for you to enjoy PSP games Windows 10 is by using an emulator. We highly recommend using PPSSPP which is a cost-free and open source program that allows you to play your favorite PSP games directly on your PC with HD resolution.

The PSP or PlayStation Portable is a handheld gaming console initially released through Sony since 2004. It allows games saved in optical disc file format that can be played wherever. It has more than 80million units were bought, with the last hardware delivery ending in 2014.

Run any PSP game on your computer using PPSPP

If you’re not playing your favourite PSP games like Lumines, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, or Final Fantasy: Crisis Core Then don’t fret, as you can still play the games on your computer. All you have to do is download the PPSSPP emulator onto your PC.

You must make sure your computer is compatible with the system requirements .

  • CPU is any modern CPU
  • GPU This includes any GPU that can support OpenGL 2.0.

Also, you will need to copy your PSP game’s content to your computer.

  • Connect the UMD disk into your PSP operating on a custom firmware.
  • Connect your PSP to your computer with a USB cable.
  • On the PSP main menu, press the menu button. Select. When the menu pops up choose to UMD as USB Device.
  • Choose USB Connection in the Settings menu.
  • On your PC, a folder will pop on the screen, with a fake ISO file. To copy the game to your PC, connect it to your drive and the copy will begin.

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Downloading PPSSPP on Windows 10 to play PSP games

It’s easy to download this emulator onto your computer, all you have to do is to download it from the official website . Once you have it, launch it.

Time needed Time needed: 10 minutes.

Then download and install the PPSSPP

  1. Go to the PPSSPP official site.

    Visit using your browser.

  2. Click the Download link.

    This will bring you to the webpage where you will find the download links for different platforms.

  3. Download the latest zip version for Windows to start downloading.

    It is located on the PPSSPP for Windows section.

  4. Download the zip file and extract it.

    In this way, you will be able to extract each of files in the compressed file.

  5. Click on the executable PPSSPPWindows file.

    This will allow you to open the emulator.

  6. Play your games.

    You can do this by click on the Games tab then browse. After that, you need to select the folder in which the games are saved.

Running PSP games in Windows 10

To play your most loved PSP games all you need to do is click on its title that can be seen in the emulator. Remember that you have to have already loaded this game prior to loading it. If you intend to play the game with your keyboard , you’ll need to change the settings for the keyboard. It is possible to do this via Settings and then Controls and Control Mapping.

After performing the steps listed previously, you’ll now be able successfully enjoy PSP games on Windows 10.

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